Resolving international tax and transfer pricing issues for clients with U.S. tax duties and connections in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and other countries.


International tax attorney Georg F. Hirsch is a native of Germany and a U.S. resident and citizen. Perfectly bilingual and bicultural, Mr. Hirsch has worked with corporate and individual clients who are based in and outside the United States to resolve complex international tax issues for nearly a decade.

In the words of a client, Mr. Hirsch’s tax consultations are “comprehensive, easy to understand, balanced, and action-oriented (i.e., with good practical suggestions).” He believes in listening first, understanding the nuances of each client’s unique situation, and acting with empathy. Clients remark on Mr. Hirsch’s approachability, thoroughness, and speed as well as his ability to explain complex issues with clarity . read more…


Don’t get into cat-and-mouse games with U.S. tax authorities. Hirsch Tax Law will recommend good strategies.


Georg F. Hirsch, Esq. is an experienced international tax attorney who helps German, Austrian, and U.S. citizens, citizens of other countries, and small business executives resolve U.S. tax issues. Most important, when facing an international tax issue, is to consult with a savvy tax attorney quickly so that the best path can be identified and the problem resolved fast.

Typical situations include:

  • Multinational enterprises planning to improve synergies and reduce their tax burden by transferring functions, risks and/or assets among affiliates, or by creating or closing affiliate entities
  • Executives of foreign companies who are working at a U.S. sister company or vice versa
  • Individuals who are planning to move from the U.S. to another country, or vice versa
  • “Accidental Americans:” Those who were born in the U.S. but moved to another country as infants, or whose citizenship is based on a U.S. parent but who have lived all of their lives outside the U.S.
  • Those who live abroad and have been contacted by their bank about their U.S. citizenship​

Tax Planning

Tax planning includes a review of whether a green card holder should pursue U.S. citizenship, under what circumstances a U.S. citizen should abandon citizenship, preventing “exit tax” when leaving the United States, and avoiding. more…

Tax Compliance

Tax compliance means to do what the IRS wants you to do, whether it is filing tax returns or reporting foreign (i.e. non-U.S.) bank accounts and other assets. If the IRS catches omissions before you come forth, those omissions. more…

U.S. Tax Return Preparation

Simple returns are best handled by a competent local CPA or even with self-help software. When things get more complex, however, especially if international issues are involved, it can quickly. more…

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“What convinced me to work with Mr. Hirsch was his thoroughness and speed.”

“His resourcefulness, diligence, and communication skills make all the difference.”

Goes above and beyond the expected; empathetic and of the greatest integrity.

Meticulous, efficient, and very knowledgeable.

Your bilingual skills were invaluable as we could send you documents in German and have phone calls in either English or German.

Thank you for your comprehensive and thoughtful advice, which enabled us to make the best decision with respect to dual citizenship.

Thank you for your expert service in our tax matters. Your answers to our questions are always thorough and understandable.

Thank you for your expertise and persistence in dealing with this complex situation.

Excellent collaboration! All questions were answered and explained thoroughly. I appreciate the expeditious handling of accounts and documents.

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